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Explanation about the crabgrass

In this text, you will learn everything you need to know about this very common weed in Quebec that could appear on your lawn. In addition, you will discover the solutions available to get rid of it. Basics on crabgrass: It is important to understand that crabgrass is an extremely common weed in Quebec. This weed […]
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Introduction to grasscycling

We strongly recommend that you adopt grasscycling. What is grass cycling? Very simply, when mowing we recommend that you leave the grass clippings on your lawn. We also strongly recommend that you shred the leaves on your property in the fall. We therefore advise mowing without a bag. This is environmentally friendly and will bring […]
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Prepare your lawn for spring

It is very important to properly prepare your lawn in the spring so that it will look great all summerlong! This will prevent, or at least slow down, many inconveniences. How do I prepare my lawn? Dethatching can be done with a dethatching rake or a dethatching machine. A regular rake can also do the job, but […]
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Guide to watering an established lawn

We’ll explain everything you need to know about watering an established lawn: the importance of watering your lawn, the three methods of watering (at the end of this text), automating your watering, and much more. In order to achieve a healthy and stunning lawn, it is extremely important to irrigate it. Water is the most important element if you […]
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Get real results when seeding!

Under what circumstances does it make sense to seed? To repair damaged areas. To increase the density of your lawn. What does it take for a grass seed to germinate? Two things are essential: moist soil and warmth! You must water regularly to keep the soil moist. That being said, it is not necessary to water for long […]
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