Share your experience for an impeccable lawn - Review of our lawn care services in Laval

We take pride in providing lawn care services in Laval, Terrebonne, Bois-des-Fillion, Boisbriand, and Saint-Eustache to help you achieve the perfect lawn. Your reviews are valuable to us in continuously improving our services. Feel free to share your experience with us and provide feedback on our lawn care services, including lawn fertilization, lawn treatment, lawn aeration, lawn weed control, and lawn crabgrass treatment.

Share your experience for an impeccable lawn - Reviews on our lawn maintenance services in Laval

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful year after year.

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    I recommend 100%. I was convinced that my lawn was irreparable and that my only option was to rip everything out to lay new sod. I had done business with another company last year with 0 results and bad service so I confess that I I was a little skeptical when Charles Alexandre told me that it was reversible and not to worry about it. But he was right I am so satisfied with the result it's incredible the difference!! Very good service, efficient, reliable and honest. (And competitive price!!)

    Elissa Dulugea
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    We used the services of ''Le Génie en Herbe'' this year for the treatment of our lawn. In addition to having good value for money, we had excellent service with a professional team. The results are above my expectations. I recommend them without hesitation.

    Sylvie Rocheleau
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    Super efficient work, real pros. ,it's good to see a young company operating like this,the only company that gives the impression of loving their job and who treat us with great respect,no embarrassment to contact them for a problem the lady at the service the clientele is a pearl and the service of the technicians is courteous and fast in the event of any problem Congratulations to the whole team

    Richard Langlois
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    I am a new client, and I am satisfied with this company, I have already received the first treatment, it is really fast, a lot of advice, I highly recommend.

    Mohammed Mestoui
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    New customer. Very satisfied with the services provided by this company. Competent, friendly and available staff. Very professional. Lots of good advice. Well organized company. Highly recommend!

    Alain Rheaume

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