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Meet the members of our passionate lawn care team! Each of our team members is dedicated to providing quality service and ensuring the satisfaction of our clients. We are proud of our dynamic, creative, and professional team, which brings its lawn maintenance expertise to create healthy and lush lawns.

What sets us apart

As the leader of Le Génie en Herbe, my passion for lawn care is unmatched. I underwent rigorous training to acquire the necessary skills to provide superior quality service to my clients. My commitment to client satisfaction is my utmost priority, and I am proud to have clients who consider me not only as a service provider but also as a partner in their success.

I am proud to have a strong team of dedicated collaborators, and I invest in their long-term professional development. I firmly believe that those who invest in their work should be rewarded with long-term opportunities. My collaborators are treated like members of my own family, and I strive to create a positive, stimulating, and respectful work environment.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for your lawn care needs, look no further than us !

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Our Hardworking Professionals

Meet our passionate team

Our team is composed of nature and green enthusiasts who work hard to build and maintain exceptional lawns. Each of our collaborators is highly qualified and has a great deal of expertise in the field. We are proud to work together to offer our clients beautiful and well-maintained green spaces.
Alexandre Gauthier is a true lawn care enthusiast and is determined to provide unmatched service to all our clients.

Prem Jasuja

Marketing Manager
Prem Jasuja uses his expertise to propel our company to the top with creativity and ingenuity.

Naomie Tavera

Administrative Assistant
Naomie Tavera is the passionate touch that brings our company to life with her skills and passion.

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