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Capture everyone's attention with your lawn thanks to our unmatched expertise and passion for nature. Enjoy personalized service focused on customer satisfaction and unbeatable value for money to make your green dream a reality.

Our commitments to a greener future

At Le Génie en Herbe, we strongly believe in a greener future and are committed to building it together. That’s why we put our expertise and professionalism at your service to create sustainable green spaces that meet your needs.

High-performance innovative techniques

Enhanced ecological expertise

Ecological manual intervention

Guaranteed satisfactory results

Our personalized and environmentally conscious approach

Our comprehensive guides and blog articles on lawn treatment, lawn maintenance, and lawn fertilization are available to provide you with practical advice and tips. Feel free to contact us if you would like us to address specific topics or to take advantage of our services. We look forward to helping you make your green space beautiful and healthy ! 

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« A well-maintained lawn is the perfect setting for moments of relaxation and sharing with family or friends. »

Choose Guaranteed Results

At Le Génie en Herbe, we always strive to provide you with quality services. Therefore, if the initial treatment is not effective, we offer you additional treatments until the expected result is achieved.

Get dedicated support

Our team will analyze your case and offer personalized advice to help you achieve a healthier and more beautiful lawn than ever before.

Opt for a good value for money

Whether you need our lawn fertilization, lawn treatment, or lawn maintenance services, we are here to meet your requirements, and at a very competitive price point.

Choose a company committed to a better futureengagée vers un avenir meilleur

We are strongly committed to a better long-term future. Every day, we strive to improve ourselves to preserve our environment while ensuring high-quality services.

Hire an expert team

At Le Génie en Herbe, we are made up of professionals who are passionate about nature and determined to provide you with healthy green spaces.

Enjoy huge and fast results

With our approach focused on your satisfaction, we guarantee huge and fast results. We also remain available to meet all your needs.


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