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Do you have questions about lawn care, lawn treatments, or lawn fertilization ? We have the answers ! Our passionate team is here to support you in achieving your dream lawn. With our expertise, you can enjoy a lush and healthy lawn all year round.

Check out our FAQ page to learn more about our services, preventive treatments, and much more. We are here to address all your concerns and help you maintain a beautiful and resilient lawn.

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    How do we determine the cost of lawn maintenance?

    At Le Génie en Herbe, we base our costs on the surface area of the lawn that you want to treat, per thousand square feet. This allows us to offer you a personalized service that is tailored to your specific needs.

    How does payment work?

    We offer two invoices during the season or a four-time payment plan to make the payment process easier for you. We accept payments by check, bank transfer, or credit card. Please note that we do not accept cash payments.

    Are we insured?

    At Le Génie en Herbe, we take pride in being compliant with all legal requirements. You can rest assured that we take all necessary precautions to protect your property. We are covered by a two million dollar liability insurance policy and we have a valid license.

    Do we work on weekends and holidays ?

    We are here for you, no matter the weather conditions. If it rains persistently throughout the week, we may work on weekends. This also depends on local regulations. In any case, you can contact us for more information.

    What is our customer service like ?

    At Le Génie en Herbe, we are at your disposal throughout the season to meet your lawn maintenance needs. We go above and beyond simple interventions by sending you practical guides to complement our services and help you maintain a green and healthy lawn all year round. Our team is always ready to support you in your dream lawn project.


    Lawn maintenance

    How long does it take to maintain a lawn ?

    The time needed for lawn maintenance depends on its initial condition and the time of year when we start the work. If your lawn is severely damaged, it may take longer, even an entire season. In any case, we generally recommend overseeding to ensure a lush and healthy lawn.

    What type of fertilizer do we use ?

    We use both granular and liquid fertilizers to achieve the best results. We choose the type of fertilizer based on your specific needs to ensure optimal growth and vibrant color.

    Do we use chemical treatments for lawn maintenance ?

    At our company, organic is king ! However, in some specific cases, we may need to use biopesticides that are 95 % organic. We are aware of the impact that chemicals can have on the environment, which is why we use them sparingly, tailored to the problem and your needs.

    When do we start lawn maintenance work ?

    We begin lawn maintenance work depending on weather conditions, usually between mid-April and early May. Before each intervention, we ask you to clean up your property, and we also send you an email and a SMS to inform you that we will be starting soon.

    When will we come for treatment ?

    We plan our treatments by area randomly throughout the month. We come once a month to ensure regular maintenance of your lawn. We send you a text message and email the day before to let you know that we will be coming and to ask you to prepare your property by removing items such as gardening and children’s toys.

    What happens if lawn maintenance is started late ?

    No worries ! We know exactly how to adjust our treatments to achieve the best results, even if the season starts late. Although it may take a little longer to achieve optimal results, you can count on our professionalism and expertise to ensure a healthy, lush lawn.

    Is there a time when it is too late to start lawn maintenance ?

    Not ! We believe that regular lawn maintenance is essential to maintaining a beautiful appearance and good long-term health. We focus first on the basics to help you achieve a healthy lawn, regardless of the season or initial condition of your lawn. Additionally, you will only pay for the services we have provided.

    What happens after each treatment ?

    We place great importance on communication with you. That’s why we send an email explaining the treatment performed and providing practical advice to maximize results. For example, we advise against mowing your lawn and avoiding watering after treatment. This information is essential to ensure the effectiveness of our treatments.

    Can we benefit from a single special treatment per season ?

    We place great importance on your satisfaction and prioritize complete programs to achieve the best results. Although we offer specific treatments, these are less prioritized and may not be as effective. Additionally, spaces are limited, and rates may be higher.

    Other Service Related Info

    Do we offer lawn mowing services ?

    At Le Génie en Herbe, our expertise is focused on lawn maintenance, not mowing. However, depending on your area, we can recommend a quality company to meet your lawn mowing needs. We work closely with specialized partners to offer you a complete and personalized service.

    Do we offer lawn seeding services ?

    We collaborate with a specialized partner company in lawn seeding. While this is not a service we offer directly, we can direct you to our partners who can help you prepare your soil to receive the seeds.

    How does lawn aeration work and how long does it take ?

    Lawn aeration is an important step in maintaining the health of your lawn. The recommended time for aeration depends on the type of terrain, type of soil, level of foot traffic, and other factors. However, we recommend aeration at least every three years for maintenance purposes. Our team of lawn maintenance experts can evaluate your terrain and determine the best schedule for future aerations.

    When should you aerate your lawn?

    There is no specific time to aerate your lawn, but we generally recommend doing it in the fall and spring and avoiding periods of high summer heat that can stress your lawn. We are available to advise you on the best time to perform this important operation.

    What should you do if you have a problem with your lawn, such as an insect infestation?

    If you encounter a problem with your lawn, such as an insect infestation, it is important to call us quickly so we can intervene promptly. We will also ask you to send photos so you can better assess the situation. If the problem is caused by external factors such as damage caused by pets, we can give you advice to correct the problem, which is included in your contract.

    How do you know what to do after treatment ?

    After treatment, we leave a sign on your property to inform you of the measures to take in the next 24 hours. The sign is usually color-coded. If it is green, there are no restrictions. If it is yellow or red, you will need to limit your traffic on your lawn and avoid circulating pets on it for 24 hours. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Can pets access the treated area ?

    At Le Génie en Herbe, your health and that of your pets are a priority. Although the sign we leave at your property determines access restrictions, we always recommend respecting the 24-hour restriction, following Health Canada rules. This helps to avoid any allergic reactions, even if the treatment is organic.

    How do white grub damages occur and how to treat them ?

    Damage caused by white grubs can be devastating to your lawn. They can be caused by these insects themselves, or by animals such as skunks that plow the soil to feed on the grubs. At Le Génie en Herbe, we recommend preventative treatments each year to avoid these damages. Otherwise, if no preventative treatment has been applied, we cannot guarantee results throughout the year. However, you can always call us at any time for additional advice and assistance.

    What is the yellow patch on the field ?

    Yellow patches on your lawn are not always caused by drought. It could be chinch bugs. At Le Génie en Herbe, we encourage you to ask the right questions to determine the source of the problem. Then, you can send us pictures so we can intervene quickly and efficiently. This is particularly important if the yellow patches are localized and not widespread throughout the field. Usually, this happens in July, during hot periods.

    What do we do against crabgrass ?

    Many weeds can invade your lawn, but crabgrass is one of the most problematic. It belongs to the same family as grass and requires specific preventive treatment. During the year, crabgrass will die on its own at the end of the season, but you must mention this problem before each annual intervention so we can apply the appropriate treatments. If you don’t report it, you may have to wait until the following year for specific treatment and may have to manually remove this type of weed.

    To learn more about our approach to eliminating crabgrass and other weeds, click on this link. At Le Génie en Herbe, we are here to help you reach the full potential of your lawn.

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