Do you see small mushrooms appearing on your lawn and you wonder what the cause is?

Here are all your answers about these decomposers which, at first glance, may seem baffling, but all in all, are very beneficial and not harmful to your lawn.

What are they good for?
The mushrooms you see on your lawn are actually decomposers. Their role in the ecosystem is to break down organic matter. They break down dead wood, dead leaves, pet waste, and much more. Mushrooms have no negative impact on the health of your lawn. On the contrary, by breaking down organic matter they allow your soil to become more productive.
What can cause them to appear?
They are usually noticed when there is a lot of humidity, rain or shade. In fact, these conditions are conducive to the appearance of mushrooms. In addition, it is more common to find them in shady areas since the soil remains wet longer before evaporation. Poor drainage favours their appearance!
What you see is in fact only a part of the mushroom
In reality, the visible part of the mushrooms is only the reproductive organs (which create the spores). The part hidden in the soil is called the mycelium. The mushrooms are always present but it is the right conditions that will bring out the visible part.

In our plants, whether trees, shrubs or any other herbaceous, the reproductive organs are the flowers.
Examples of conditions conducive to the development of mushrooms
If you turn over an area where you have removed vegetation such as plants or shrubs, the organic matter has not been completely removed and will therefore be the cause of the mushrooms. They will decompose this organic material (this is inevitable, after all that is their role in the environment). If you have had a tree cut down, the roots left in the soil will cause them to appear.
How do I get rid of them?
There is no approved product to get rid of mushrooms. In any case, it would be useless. It is very easy to pick them up with your lawnmower. The visible part will disappear and you're done.

If you have problems with mushrooms, we recommend aeration. Aeration reduces the thatch layer and decompacts the soil, allowing for better water penetration. The conditions will be unfavourable to their appearance.

Alternatively, you can remove the organic matter that the mushroom feeds on from your soil.

When the fungi have completely broken down the organic matter in your soil, they will disappear permanently.

I sincerely hope that this has informed you!
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