Our proven work process for exceptional results

Our lawn care process is carefully designed to provide our customers with a beautiful, green, and healthy lawn. We use the latest techniques and equipment to achieve the best results. Discover how we can collaborate and transform your lawn into a beautiful outdoor space.

Caring for your lawn has never been easier:

Taking care of your lawn has never been easier : follow these steps to collaborate with us

At Le Génie en Herbe, we have perfected a multi-step work process that ensures your lawn will be simply beautiful. We leave nothing to chance and work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction at every step of the process.
Here's how we create your dream lawn.

1 Establish first contact

At Le Génie en Herbe, we know that every lawn is unique, which is why we take the time to understand your needs and offer you customized solutions. To start, contact us now for a phone consultation with our team of passionate experts. We look forward to discussing your projects and offering solutions tailored to your needs.

We prefer phone contacts for quick and efficient consultations. With our remote consultation process, we can even conduct an initial assessment by analyzing photos of your lawn. This saves you time and allows us to be more efficient in planning the rest of the work.

Contact us now to see how we can help you have the lawn you deserve!

2 Get an on-site diagnosis of problems (optional)

At Le Génie en Herbe, we have a simple and effective work method to meet your lawn care needs. It all starts with a diagnostic call, where we carefully listen to your problems. Thanks to our expertise, we can quickly identify the problems with your lawn and offer you the most appropriate solutions.

However, if necessary, our dedicated team will visit your site to assess the situation and advise you on the best options. We are so confident in our work that we offer a 100 % satisfaction guarantee.

With us, your lawn will be in good hands, so don’t hesitate and contact us now to learn more about our work method.

3 Trust us to carry out lawn care work

At Le Génie en Herbe, we take care of your lawn as if it were our own. We are experts in lawn care and we are proud to offer an innovative and effective work method.

We start every project by following a rigorous process that can last from a few weeks to several seasons, depending on the severity of the problems encountered. We guarantee the effectiveness of our treatments 100 %, and our clients will not need to redo other treatments.

In addition, we offer our clients advice and guidance to enable them to take care of some treatments themselves, so that they are independent.

We are also determined to offer our clients the best possible service and give them a healthy and green lawn of which they can be proud.

4Enjoy your beautiful green lawn

At Le Génie en Herbe, we don’t just maintain your lawn, we ensure that you can enjoy it for a long time. Therefore, we give you advice on how to maintain the results obtained after our treatments.

We also encourage you to continue maintenance, as this preserves the appearance of your lawn and avoids additional costs. To help you maintain your green space, we organize regular appointments to assess the condition of your lawn and ensure that you are always satisfied.

At Le Génie en Herbe, we are passionate about the satisfaction of our clients and we are ready to do everything we can to maintain your lawn in an optimal condition.

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