Introduction to grasscycling

We strongly recommend that you adopt grasscycling.
What is grass cycling?

Very simply, when mowing we recommend that you leave the grass clippings on your lawn. We also strongly recommend that you shred the leaves on your property in the fall. We therefore advise mowing without a bag. This is environmentally friendly and will bring many benefits to the health of your lawn and soil.

The only exception

If you have weeds that could be spread, we suggest putting the bag back on. Weeds in bloom or in seed are of greater concern. It is advisable to put the bag back on when mowing these areas of the yard. Since you don't pick them up, you risk spreading them.

Here is an example

On the front of your property, you have crabgrass plants in seed near the street, so we advise you to put on the bag of the mower for this area and remove the bag for the other sections (the back and other parts). It is therefore possible to do partial grasscycling on your property.
Why is it so important for us to adopt grasscycling?
Why is it so important for us to adopt grasscycling?
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, puIt saves time and effort when mowing. It is much easier to mow without a bag. Plus, you won't have to waste time disposing of the mowed grass. You'll also save a lot of time in the fall because you won't have to rake your leaves! Everyone knows that raking leaves can be a long and difficult process. However, once the leaves are shredded (leafcycling), they will provide the same benefits as grasscycling.

The cut grass will provide nutrients to your lawn. It is difficult to quantify exactly how much nutrients are given back when grasscycling, but many experts claim that grasscycling gives back nearly 30% of the nitrogen in your lawn. This is a significant benefit, especially considering the number of mowings done in a season!

Grasscycling restores moisture to your soil. The grass clippings will give back some of their moisture (water) to the soil, helping to counteract the potential water stress caused by mowing.

You will be giving some of our treatments back to your soil. Grasscycling will restore some of our treatment if it has been done recently. In most cases, it is not a big deal to mow after the prescribed time after the application of our treatments (ex. twelve hours without mowing after our treatment). The weed treatment will have had time to take effect. On the other hand, we sincerely believe that it is a good idea to do the grasscycling if you intend to mow after our visit, in order to avoid removing part of the treatment (fertilizer, mycorrhizae or bug repellent).

* Always follow our recommendations after each visit in order to optimize the effectiveness of our treatments.

Mowed grass will give back sugars to the soil. The sap in the mowed grass brings sugars to the soil, feeding the beneficial microorganisms in it. The sugars do not directly feed the lawn but contribute to the health of your soil by feeding the beneficial microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, fungi, beneficial insects).

Significant environmental benefits! You won't have to use plastic bags to dispose of your grass clippings and leaves. A plastic bag can take up to five hundred years to decompose! That's a lot of time! Recently, in Laval, we have had compost bins (brown bins) implemented that help enormously to counteract this problem. The brown bins also help to considerably reduce the overfilling of our landfills. However, despite the fact that our brown bins represent an environmental improvement, it is always more conscientious to do grasscycling. Not only for all the other benefits listed above, but also because the trucks carrying the brown bins are not really environmentally friendly!
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What to do for optimal results?
To increase the effectiveness of grasscycling, it may be advisable to change your mower blade to a mulching blade. The purpose of this type of blade is to cut grass clippings into smaller pieces, thus helping to break them down. It will also provide a better aesthetic result.

You can find this type of blade in stores that sell mowers (ex. Canadian Tire, Équipement Laval, R100 sport, etc.) Even simpler, you can find this type of blade on Amazon. Look up the size of your blade by consulting your model on the Internet. Note that to protect themselves, companies never sell already sharpened lawnmower blades. You will need to have your blade sharpened.

Before making any changes to your mower, we strongly recommend that you try it out. Sometimes, even if your mower doesn't have a mulching blade, it can do a great job!

Thatch (dead grass that we have to scrape off in the spring) and grass clippings left over from grasscycling are not the same thing at all! Thatch should be removed in the spring to avoid problems, while grasscycling offers benefits to your lawn!

If during the grasscycling process, there are still areas where the shredded grass is visible, you can simply go back to that area and it will disappear. In addition, the use of a small blower could be useful (honestly, it is rarely necessary and going over the lawn with the mower does the job).

We have one of our important contacts to refer to you for maintenance and repairs of your mowers!

Christian Auger (514) 862-1904

Christian is our best reference in the field! Just call him and he will take care of your lawnmower problem! Plus, he offers a courteous and affordable service! He can even come and pick up your lawnmower and bring it back to you once it has been repaired.

Note that often, if your mower won't start, it's probably something minor like a dirty carburetor. It probably doesn't need to be completely replaced, and Christian will save you a lot of money. You can also call him to sharpen your new mulching blade and install it.
Remember, the Génie en Herbe is the master in our field. Our experts are the best to advise you and guide you for the health of your lawn. The whole team thanks you for your trust and we hope you have a great summer!

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