Prepare your lawn for spring

It is very important to properly prepare your lawn in the spring so that it will look great all summerlong!
This will prevent, or at least slow down, many inconveniences.

How do I prepare my lawn?

Dethatching can be done with a dethatching rake or a dethatching machine. A regular rake can also do the job, but the results will be less noticeable.


To properly prepare your lawn, you must remove excess thatch (dead grass) so that your lawn can breathe and have room to grow.

Thatch is a problem because it provides a haven for many pests. A lawn with a lot of thatch is, in fact, conducive to the development of insect pests such as chinch bugs.

You can use a simple rake or a dethatching rake if you want to do the work yourself. We recommend that you do the dethatching on a day when your soil is completely dry to avoid damaging your lawn.

If your lawn requires deeper dethatching, I recommend using a dethatcher. We do not perform the dethatching service; it is often the lawn mowing companies that will perform this service because they have the necessary equipment for the collection (mower, tractor, etc.). In addition, they will be able to perform the complete opening of your lawn (cleaning).

A good spring preparation will be extremely beneficial to your lawn because it will increase the absorption of water as well as nutrients and minerals (the fertilizers applied by Le Génie en Herbe).
Thus, your lawn will be able to shine in its entire splendor.
If there are still dead leaves from last fall on your lawn, it is important to remove them.
This is what a dethatching rake looks like. You can get one at a nursery near you!

Site cleaning

Remove any small rocks that have been deposited as a result of snow removal. A rake, leaf blower, or power sweeper will be your tools of choice to get the job done.

In addition, if there are dead leaves left on your lawn from last fall, it is important to remove them. Leaves obstruct the sun, which will not be able to provide energy to your lawn. Sunlight and water are the two most important elements for the well-being of your lawn.

If the weather holds, we will start treatments around April 19, 2021. That being said, the first treatment may extend into mid-May. It depends on where you are located in our route. The results will be the same no matter when you start your first treatment.

If you want to do a seeding, we strongly recommend it! However, as the temperatures are fluctuating in Quebec and it could start to get cold again, I suggest that you wait until the end of April or even the beginning of May. It is not important to coordinate with our treatments to do the seeding. The spring fertilizer will help your new seed take hold, whether it is done before or after your seeding. I will send you another email on how to do your seeding properly and I strongly suggest you read it!
wish you a good summer and see you soon 😀 Charles-Alexandre Gauthier (Owner)

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